10 Reasons to Book Us

1 - Keep These Memories For Ever In High Quality

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations for Vacation, Photography and Weddings the past 30 years, It’s the pride of Greece and the Caldera Cliffs with the blue domes and the volcano in the middle right next to Thirassia island and Aspronisi is the one view that attracts most people. For that, When someone visits our island and comes from the other side of the world, They deserve to remember their vacation in Santorini even years after.

A Photography tour in Santorini offers just that! On our photo tour packages we visit the most beautiful highlights of Santorini for our photo sessions to capture those moments of your beautiful wedding day or vacation, All there is to do on your side is smile and be ready to visit some amazing places! Years after your visit to Santorini you’ll look at your pictures and be grateful that you choosen to have a photography tour in Santorini back then!

2 - More than a Typical Tour in Santorini

People all over the world visit Santorini for its black beaches, Blue domes on the cliff and the breath taking sunset, All kinds of tour companies offer highlight sight-seeing tours but we have noticed that people tend to take a picture of everything they see in Santorini, So we not let us do that for you?

Our Santorini Photography tours are more than the simple boring tour that anyone can give you! We offer proffesional photography & Tour of the islands where you’ll get to see the highlights of Santorini with the addition of a professional photographer by your side at any time!

3 - Great surprise activity

You are thinking of proposing to your loved one and/or have came to the island together for a vacation on the romantic island of Santorini for your honeymoon. You really love that one person and want to give them a gift/present that is a bit different than the plain material gifts that we always give, So why not book yourselves a photography session in Santorini?

If your purpose is to propose, We’ll by your side without your loved one noticing a thing! (We’re good at that). Every request for a proposal photography has been a success and the ladies always loved it after they found out that there is was going to be a photography session surprise.

If the idea is just a photo tour to remember the good times in Santorini on a sunny day then just be ready at the time arranged and we’ll come find you at your hotel to begin our Santorini Photography!

4 - Santorini Photo Tours & Social Media

Imagine the reactions of your friends and family after seeing you posing like models and having such beautiful pictures from your vacation to Greece, Maybe you had the same profile picture on Facebook or Instagram for a long time and need a change, Your portrait with the beautiful background of the caldera and the blue domes of Oia never fails to amaze the masses!

After we’re done with our Santorini photography tour, You receive a CD or USB with all photos unlocked so you can use them any way you like, Maybe hang them on the wall or post them online. It’s all up to you! Our job is to give you the professional photography session you deserve and your job is to use those picture how you like.

5 - Latest proffesional equipment

Other than knowledge and talent, Being a photographer requires you to have professional equipment for the outcome that you wish to create at every photo tour, photo session. And that’s something you won’t find in many of Santorini’s photographers.

Other than good photographers we want to have the best equipment. Our collection of professional DSLR Canon, Nikon and Sony Cameras but also professional lenses proves that we take our work very seriously.

6 - Feel like a real super model!

All of us have seen those pictures online of models posing beside a beach or walking on the street looking fabulous, Why not have those kind of pictures of yourself as well while in Santorini?

A Photography tour in Santorini is always a fun activity and a way to boost your mood and confidence, All of us are beautiful, We just need the right photographer to make us see how great we can all be as models, Walk through the Marble streets of Oia with the attitude of a super model and let your photographer capture your every move!

7 - Your photographer is your friend!

As you go along with your photo tour in Santorini, You’ll get to know your photographer better and by the end of your Photography session feel so comfortable with him that you will be posing by yourselves instead of him telling you how to pose!

We know that having a stranger taking your picture might be uncomfortable sometimes, That’s why it’s a priority to make you feel like you’ve known us for a long time so that you will be loose during your photography tour in Santorini and the outcome in the pictures will also be beautiful.

8 - Low cost professional photography

Photography is a sensitive subject, To be a photographer you need Talent, Knowledge and Expensive equipment, That’s why most of the photographers not only in Santorini but all over the world charge a lot of money for their services, Amounts that most people aren’t able to afford!

We believe that everyone deserves a Santorini photography tour, Because it’s a shame coming to an island famous for its beauty and leaving without professional photos to prove it! Santorini’s photo tours are something everyone should try, It’s an activity worth that’s going to be remembered for ever!

9 - We are locals of Santorini

Growing in Santorini we’ve discovered spots and highlights that you don’t see in picture online or when you see them there is no way you can find them by cruising around Santorini with your Bike or Car, Santorini is the island for photography, And we know it better than others photographers who come to the island for summer jobs.

Ask about the history! We’ve heard it a thousand times and told about it even more! The history of Santorini island sounds like a story that came out of a book but it really is just the history of the island that was once a circle and covered in Lava!

10 - Edited and retouched pictures.

Retouching: Let’s face it, Being a professional photographer doesn’t mean that the weather is always by your side! Santorini and Mykonos are the windies island of Greece, That said, The ladies understand what i’m trying to say. Sometimes the hair might hard to hold, Flying all over the place making it impossible for the photo tour in Santorini to rely on just perfect pictures by themselves.

Editing: A little bit of editing always makes picture beautiful, In the simplest of our packages you’ll receive 50 pictures of your Santorini photography tour edited in a special folder inside the CD or USB you will receive at the end.