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How do cruise ship photography tours work?

In the summer time, We have about 3-4 ships in average everyday arriving at the old port of Santorini, Some of which stay for 5 hours and some stay for 8 hours. The procedure to get to Fira is simple, You either take the donkeys up or the cable car (Which is much better advised). The other options like a boat to Oia are not what they promise and you can waste a lot of your precious time trying to skip lines that way.

The line is usually 1 hour wait with the cable car if you don’t get to be on the first 2 tender boats, So we already got 1 hour off from your time in Santorini and one more waiting for the line back down to the port, Total of 2 hours waiting, That’s ok though! we still have plenty of time since the most popular photography package of Santorini is the 3 hours.

Step 1 - Meet us at the top of the Cable car in Fira

We will be waiting there for you with a sign of your name on it so you can recognize us, And we will begin our photography session right away.

Step 2 - We'll drive to our first stop which happens to be Caldera.

For those who don’t know “Caldera” is the name we use for everything infront of the Cliffs of Santorini such as the volcano and the other small islands, At the caldera we’ll be seeing the beautiful blue dome churches of Santorini and that’s where our focus will be for most of our photography time.

Step 3 - We'll take care of the rest!

Enjoy the rest of your time that will be left while in Santorini, Have some Greek food and go back to your cruise ship, Once we have your pictures ready, We will ship them to your home address in a small envelope and it usually takes about 2 weeks to get there!