Santorini Photography Information


A Vacation to Santorini Greece is the dream many have for years, Others come for their wedding Santorini Photography & Others may come just to get away from the noise of the big cities and to get the chance to relax. Our beautiful island has a lot to offer and one is Santorini Photography. Our Team consists of Santorini photographers who love to meet new people and work with them.

Being Part of the Santorini Wedding photography community means, that we get to show the world the beauty of our island. We understand that in our team and we strive for greatness! You can say any story you like, But if there is no pictures and videos of that story nobody will really understand the feeling you had!

This is why especially Santorini wedding photography is our passion, Because we get to make people’s important moments last an eternity!

The cost of a Santorini Wedding Photography is depending on the number of Services the couple will need. We can have just one professional photographer with a camera at a very low cost. It is up our clients if they will need the two photographers, the extra equipment and the videographers for the perfect result. In General we try to provide our clients with the best price possible because everyone deserves it!

Overall we want to thank you for visiting our website even just to get an idea. Here we are all a family, Carrying for one another and most importantly, Our Clients. It always a pleasure to talk and answer questions and we hope to talk with you as well!


Written by Founder Alexander S.