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Best Santorini Photography Locations!

The Most Popular Santorini Photography Locations


Imerovigli Village

Imerovigli is the highest point of the Caldera and has some of the most spectacular views. It is the second most popular upon the Santorini photography locations. This specific picture is taken at Skaros Rock which has a little of walking until we get there. But it's worth it! Like most of the good spots for pictures. This one is accessible only by foot, And that's part of its magic.


Oia Village

The Small romantic village of Oia is the most popular among the other villages. It is the one shown on google when somebody searches for Santorini. The Blue domes and the houses on the cliffs the known for the amazing architecture but the views as well! Santorini photography locations like this are what Santorini is all about!

St. Nick Wedding Venue

This little chapel is located in a private area right by a Private Villa. Even though it doesn't have views of the caldera like other Santorini photography locations. It is unique and loved by many.


The Black Beach

Santorini is known for the beautiful sunsets, the blue dome churches and the black sand beaches. It is truly something different walking on a volcanic beach and it's worth taking the time to capture it's beauty. On the days with the long hour photography tours, We visit the black sand beach as it is a must Santorini photography location.

The Heart of Santorini

The heart of Santorini is a natural formation of the Volcanic rocks that looks like a heart. Inside the heart we see the water, the volcano and the natural colors of the island. For those visiting Santorini, The heart is a Santorini photography location that only a few will ever see!

The Red Beach

The red beach is another unique part of Santorini which is best viewed by boat. The Volcanic Lava contains Iron which causes it to look red and it gives us a spectacular scenery. Like many other Santorini photography locations, This is can be accessed by foot and only and It's worth it.

Prophet Elias (Caldera)

There are two Prophet Elias Mountains on the island. The one with the monastery in the middle of Santorini and the one with the church on the Caldera. In this case, We have the one at the Caldera. This Spot is surrounded by trees all over that you don't see in any other Santorini photography spots. But also the Caldera views. Without our help this spot is hard to find but we can access it by both car and by foot!

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