Santorini Wedding Photography

A Few Words About Santorini Wedding Photography

On the island of Weddings it’s very important to choose the right photographer for you. Because Santorini Wedding Photography has been very popular on the past few years, It’s critical that the photographer of your choice is on with experience and passion for this line of hard work. This happens to be us!

With a team of experienced Santorini Wedding Photographers that we’ve been working with for years, We’ve managed to make all of our clients more than happy over a decade that we’ve been doing this! This shows in our pictures and in our videos as well. Because Santorini Wedding Photography our life and we love every part of it!


Different Santorini Wedding Photography Packages

The that we are offering Santorini wedding photography packages can be tailor made to fit in everyone’s needs. The final package most of the time it depends on the general schedule of the couple’s special day, Some Couples prefer to have a pre-wedding photography session for a couple of hours, This is for the couples that usually elope and they don’t have too much preparations to think about. For other weddings such as those with the 100 guests that need a good wedding planner such as┬áto make sure everything is going smooth and according to plan, These Santorini pre-wedding photography sessions are usually in the hotel while the bride and her brides maids are preparing and the gentlemen are drinking their beers to keep the stress levels low!

It’s time, The buses are ready and the group is slowly heading to the wedding venue. That means that our photographers start to head to the venue so that we can capture all the guests’s every step! Once everything is set and the bride arrives, We continue our Santorini wedding photography. All the moves of the bride are important on that day, After all it’s the bride’s day. At this point is where we can have a bigger package. A bigger photography package would include more than the hour of the wedding it self but also the reception! The Santorini wedding photography includes pictures during and after the ceremony. All with the couple, The details of the wedding and their guests. But the party is a whole other subject!