Santorini Photographer

My name is Alexander, And I’m a local proffesional Santorini Photographer. I grew up in the world of wedding photography and long photo sessions due to my family’s history of Photographers.

Even though I’ve been in the photography business of Santorini for many years, I studied and followed the career even further in Athens. Santorini Photography is my passions And I love being able to make other people’s vacations into beautifully edited memories! In my website you’ll find my most recent works and the stories behind each picture, The Island of Santorini has so much to offer to the creative mind that every photography tour we have is a whole new experience and an other creative adventure for me and my guests. If you like stories and want to see my works. Click to view my personal blog about Santorini Photography Tours and Wedding Photography below!

The key to a great day of Photography is the connection between, the photographer and his models. So my clients will always get the Greek hospitality and the friendliness that we’ve grown to learn so they feel comfortable through the whole day and most of all have fun!

The Head of Santorini Photographer Department

As the head of the Santorini Photographers department it is my responsibility to make sure that every Santorini photographer has the best equipment and skill to carry out the important task of capturing the special moments of our beloved clients. Every Santorini Photographer has been selected carefully and tested in order to be able to work with us during the wedding season of Santorini. Our Santorini Photographers specialize in weddings, marriage proposals and Santorini photography tours around the island.


There is a demand for Santorini Photographers and we make sure that even though the competition is high, We stay at the top of our game, With many years of experience and a great work ethic, Our Team has been blessed to have worked with more than 1000 couples both for their weddings or just their casual Santorini Photographer hire.

Santorini Photographer Proposal

"Today was the most special day of our lives, We want to thank you so much for all the effort and expertise at being our Santorini photographer, We felt like we've known you for a while. And this was very important for us. Best Regards!"

It is always a great pleasure when one is hired as a Santorini Proposal Photographer. The happy atmosphere and the good vibes on the whole journey is always a feeling that will never get old! Santorini Proposals are beautiful events occurring mostly among younger couples and the men are the ones doing it most of the time, This makes them terrified but with experience we’ve managed to also be able to calm them down and work together in perfect harmony so that we would not raise any suspicions and so that they can enjoy their evening as well! Being a Santorini Proposal Photographer is a big honor and we really enjoying being a part of it!

Santorini Wedding Photographer

The love for Santorini Wedding Photography is something that has been inside us since the very beginning. Like mentioned earlier most of us have been raised in a family of Santorini Photographers and thus the experience. That experience that we acquired from all these years is playing a huge role today! Being a Santorini Wedding Photographer means that even on a blink of an eye an important shot can be missed. Meaning that there is no room error during this very important moment of one’s life. After all those weddings we are proud of always being able to catch every little special detail in every wedding. We can say that myself as a Santorini Photographer and my team. Will always be the best there is in specializing in Santorini Wedding Photography.

The industry of Santorini Weddings has expanded rapidly over the course of the past few years. This made us evolve even further even though we’ve been here since the very beginning back in 2001.

We’re always happy to talk about the details regarding hiring your Santorini Photographer and answering every question!