Santorini Proposal Photographer


Jen & Steve's Santorini proposal photographer

Jen & Steve got engaged in their home country and would soon be married, Before their vacation in the lovely islands of Greece they thought of somewhat recreating their proposal day but this time with a professional photographer by their side, No need to say that it was an amazing photo session and the outcome was beautiful.

Starting from their hotel room, We visited the highlights of the romantic island of Santorini with our Santorini proposal photographer that followed after, It is a common phenomenon to see a bride walking in the streets of Santorini especially in the Summer, Everyone was congratulating our couple and it was an over all fun day.

Plan your Santorini Proposal like you dream it to be.

Santorini is a very romantic island, It’s the destination many fall in love, A lot get married and even more engaged.

You can contact the experts at and they will consult you with the best options, Ideas and prices about the proposal that will leave no choice to your future wife!

As far as photography goes, Atleast 30% of our work for the year of 2016 was proposals, and there wasn’t a single girl that refused to marry her guy, It has to do with the planning of the proposal and of course the romantic vibe of Santorini, I mean how can you say no when you are in one of the most romantic islands of the world!