5 Tips – Advise for your Photo Tour

santorini photo tours

1. This one is for the Ladies - The right shoes!

In case you are planning to have high heels with you on our photography day in Santorini Be sure to have flats or running shoes with you!

This island’s strong suit tourism, Not construction. Which means that the roads are hard to walk sometimes especially on the cliffs of the caldera where we will be taking most of our pictures at, Some paths are rocky, Some others are difficult to talk in general, So we don’t want you to be struggling with walking instead of enjoying the walk with us to our next photography destination.

This can be done easily by having just 2 pairs in a bag with you so you can change from place to place.

2. Keep the bag light - Under the plane limit!

In your bag keep only the necessary, Two pairs of shoes, Hydration of any kind, a towel etc.. We don’t want to be carrying all that weight at all times.

The most picturesque location of Santorini for photography is the village of Oia, Which also happens to be a walking area, That means we don’t want to be carrying a heavy bag full of items that we won’t need, Because it drains our energy and by the end we won’t be looking too happy in the pictures!

3. Retouching is good - Have some extra make up with you.

Make up is make up, And it’s never enough! Be sure to have a back up with you in case you decide to wear make up on your photography session in Santorini with us.

Santorini is a very hot island and people tend to sweat, Be sure to have some make up with you in case of any unfortunate events, Wipe and re-apply!

4. For men mostly - Have a small towel with you.

Us men tend to sweat a little more than the ladies, Having a small towel with you can be useful in many ways! Wet the towel with cold water or ice to keep cool Other than using it for the sweat which can be a pain! Use it for keeping cool, Especially us with the shiny heads need this more than anyone!

We all do it! You will most likely see your photographer taking his towel out at some point wiping his sweat off, It’s normal, and you should be prepared!

5. This is for everyone - Cold Water!

Being in the sun of Santorini for 2 hours straight can do a lot of things to those who are not used to it, Be sure to have enough cold water with you at all times.

The sun is nothing to play with, Especially in Santorini where everything is painted white and no matter which way you look it’s going to be bright! Also you get dehydrated and the walking doesn’t help. Of course there are mini markets where you can buy something to drink from, The point is to have it available at any time! A Photography session in Santorini should be enjoyable, Not a fight to keep standing up.